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FAAS “Latgale”

Folk applied art studio "Latgale"

Pottery in Latvia is one of oldest branches of folk art. Several societies of ceramists preserve its traditions in Latgale and develop it in the modern cultural environment.
In the eighties a prominent master a famous Silajani potters family Stanislavs Vilcans gathered people who were involved in the craft who held the same views -16 masters altogether - and founded the studio "Latgale". In 1980 its first leader was Janis Zugovs, from 1981 till 1892 - Ausma Skirmante, and since 1996 - Lilija Zeila.
Daugavpils studio of ceramists in the first one in Latgale that has got the name of Folk Applied Arts Studio. Since its foundation Folk art masters, craftsman and ceramists with academic art education have worked there together. This fact imparts a special quality to it. Jnis and Marina Saikovski, Vladislavs Zabinako continue the traditions of Latgalian ceramics in their creatiave work, Lilija ZeNa and Ligita Pakne, Ilona Sausa, Liga Cible, Mairita Folkmane and Valentins Petjko are many - sided in their creative quest. Masters popularize traditional crafts by taking part in different local and state cultural life activities: exhibitions, music and art festivals, fairs, etc. Creative work of potters has also gained an international recognition in Lithuania, Belarus, Russia, Poland, Austria, Germany, Spain, the Netherlands, Norway and France.
Linjs with other potters are important. Joining efforts with the participants of Culture Foundation group "Pudniku skula" common travelling exhibitions, plein-airs have been organized, black ceramics and glazing kilns have been stoked.
Owing to Daugavpils City Council, the participants of  FAAS "Latgale" have their own creative workshops. The biggest Latgale kiln stoked by wood with two furnaces is situated here.
The studio also carries out educational work. A good cooperation with the city youth, pupils and Daugavpils Univerdity students has been established. The members of FAAS "Latgale" with their products testify that pottery has not only an utilitarian material value, but it also embodies the nation is spiritual culture and identity. 
FAAS "Latgale" is always open to the city guests and tourists, cooperation projects and new creative contacts.