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In the museum

Permanent cultural and historic and nature expositions of the museum, as well as the hall of L.Baulins create a particular image among the museums of Latgale and Latvia.
The permanent exposition “Cultural history of Daugavpils region” shows the history of the region starting with the 9th century B.C. till 1940 and introduces to Daugavpils region development in the context of cultural history process, paying attention to the specific features of the region. After the museum’s development concept there will be established complete historical exposition starting from the ancient times till today.
The permanent exposition “Nature of Daugavpils region” introduces people to the most characteristic biotopes and enlarges the cultural and historic exposition, it also shows a general idea of Daugavpils region.
The general expositions and various permanent and temporary cultural and historic, art and nature exhibitions of the museum enable the access of the inventory for every person, facilitate the perception of cultural and historic heritage and modern experience, promote the society’s interest and understanding of Daugavpils region. 


      Cultural and historic exposition   
      Nature exposition  

     Art hall of L. Baulins