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Expositions and exhibitions

The permanent exposition “Cultural History of Daugavpils Region” shows the history of the region starting with the 9th century B.C. till 1991. Located in 5 rooms, it introduces to Daugavpils region development in the context of cultural history process, paying attention to the specific features of the region.  Important part of this exposition is multimedia program “Daugavpils. Latgale. Latvia”, which offers a virtual walk through the historical center of Daugavpils of the interwar period.

The permanent exposition “Nature of Daugavpils Region” introduces people to the most characteristic biotopes and enlarges the cultural and historic exposition, it also shows a general idea of Daugavpils region.

The exhibition “Path to the Temple” presents monuments of cultural heritage that characterize the history of Christian denominations in Daugavpils – Catholic, Old Believers, Orthodox and Lutheran.

The exhibition “Money with the Soul of Latvia. Lats” represents more than 300 banknotes and coins issued by the Bank of Latvia in different years.

The exhibition “Reverence of the Past” displays the interior of the living room with elements of Art Nouveau at the turn of 19th and the 20th centuries.

In the gallery of painter Leonīds Baulins the works characterize the unique manner and different trends of creative work of this outstanding master of colour, form and line.

Pjotrs Hudobčenoks’ exhibition “Sketches of Dvinsk” – amazing subjects of volume art works created by the artist on the bases of the photographs of Daugavpils of the beginning of the 20th century.

These expositions and permanent exhibitions of the museum as well as temporary exhibitions are open for visitors, enabling the access of the inventory for every person, facilitating the perception of cultural and historic heritage and modern experience, promoting the society’s interest and understanding of Daugavpils.