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Cultural history of the region

  • Daugavpils region during the times
  • Daugavpils region in ancient times
  • Daugavpils region in medieval times
  • Daugavpils region in 1812 during the war
  • Latgalian farmers at the end of XVIII century – the 1st half of XIX century
  • Daugavpils region at the end of XIX century and the beginning of XX century
  • Daugavpils region during the independent times of the Republic of Latvia (1918-1940)
  • Cultural history of Daugavpils
  • Historical centre of Daugavpils
  • Dinaburg (Daugavpils) fortress

World of art

  •  Creative work of L.Baulins
  • Excursions in the exhibition hall

 Nature of the region

  • Nature of Daugavpils region