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Daugavpils Clay Art Centre

Daugavpils Clay Art Centre

In 2008-2010, the Department of Culture of the Daugavpuls City Council and the Utena Museum of Regional Studies implemented the project "Development of Creative Tourism Through the Establishment of Clay Art Centres in Daugavpils and Utena" within the framework of the Latvia - Lithuania Cross Border Cooperation Programme.

Today, in the newly created Daugavpils Clay Art Centre the ceramists have received the opportunity for creative work with clay - modeling, turning, glazing and firing - in new studios with moden equipment. In parallel with the renovation work, the project activities included the improvement of the courtyard, arrangement of the site for a wood-fired kiln and of the summer exhibition romm, research on Latgalian pottery and ceramics that resulted in a catalogue in four languages named "Heritage of Land". Some other activities were: clay art festival during the City Festival of 2099, development of the study programme in four languages published as a bokk, classes for children, master classes for the public, publicationof marketing materials, creation of working clothes and tools. 

A wide range of renovation and cultural activities have also been implemented by the Lithuanian colleagues.

The project is completed in November, 2010. So it is time to wish inspiration and success to all the ceramists who will work in the Daugavpils Clay Art Centre, thus promoting the development of cultural and creative tourism in Daugavpils and popularizing the traditions of Latgalian ceramics and pottery as the cultural heritage value.

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