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Daugavpils Regional and Art Museum offers to get acquainted with the permanent cultural and historic and nature expositions, the art hall of L.Baulins, inventory of the museum, the exhibitions in the museum and out of it. 
It is possible to visit the museum both individually and in groups. Visitors in groups have the opportunity to use the services of a guide in Latvian and Russian (survey and thematic exhibitions of cultural history, permanent nature exhibitions, art hall of L.Baulins, inventory premises of the museum, as well as the excursion around the town and Dinaburg (
Daugavpils) fortress). For pupils there are offerings of different pedagogical programmes of the museum, lectures and thematic events, etc. 
The specialists of the museum provide information and consultations about the history, culture and nature of the region, as well as the methodical questions of the museum’s activity.